Repotting Plants
To Repot, Or Not!

Easter was on the horizon, 40 people were on their way to our yard for an Easter Egg Hunt and the food was the last thing on my mind; my priorities are straight, and the replanting of my pots was the ONLY thing bothering me. As I anxiously awaited the arrival of annuals at The Growers Exchange, I decided to use my time wisely and clean out the old debris. Imagine my surprise, and delight, upon discovering how many of these planters were offering up their finest. In many cases, an addition of a few flowering annuals was all they needed.

I had forgotten my decision of last spring; all of my pots were planted with a combination of herbs, perennials, ground covers and an assortment of flowering annuals. After a bit of snipping and deadheading and trimming, these pots were almost ready. The ajuga, both varieties, were blooming profusely. They had grown so much; I divided quite a bi and put into my woodland garden. The rosemarys were so big that I transplanted all 8 of them and are a wonderful hedge to my vegetable garden. The lamium made it through a harsh winter, as did the salvia and achillea. A bit of my ivy got leggy, so that went into the compost. But, I am happy to say that the parsley is emerging as well.

Not wanting a complete repeat of last spring, I have been adding a few new items. I have always wanted to try some bulbs, so I have elephant ears planted in my largest pots. I donít know what to expect. I have filled in here and there with a few new annuals and vines and herbs. The combinations of colors and textures is truly delightful. The best part of this whole unexpected situation is that I have an ever-evolving garden in each pot!