Caring for Birds in Winter
Caring for Birds

Donít forget the birds this winter. It is cold, and not every species has flown south. In fact, your yard is full of birds foraging constantly to survive the winter months. You can really help by keeping feeders constantly full, and have the benefit of a yard full. I keep a few close to windows, and am constantly entertained. A few things to keep in mind about feeding birds:

Place a new feeder near an old one. Keep both full until the birds become used to the new one, and begin to feed from it.

It is important to keep the feeders clean. In fact, it is vital to the health of the birds. Old seed which has rotted can make the birds sick. Every 3 Ė 4 weeks, allow the feeder to empty, shake out any excess seed and then rinse with warm water and mild soap.

Place feeders 6 Ė 7 feet from any tree or railing to keep the squirrels away. I donít take my own advice, but I have made peace with the squirrels long ago. Gracie, my 11 year old mutt, spends her day working the squirrel population, and that helps!

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Feeders should go up on Labor Day and taken down in June. There should be enough natural food available to sustain the birds during those months.

Birds do need water all year round, and a bird bath is a welcome treat in the hot months, and water during a freeze is vital.