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Thyme Plants

Thyme is an ancient herb, used by the Greeks as a purifying incense. A low-growing perennial herb, thymes have woody stems and form a dense mat covered with tiny aromatic leaves and delicate blooms. Thyme plants require well-drained soil and full sun. Rich in essential oils, they are prized for their medicinal, as well culinary, uses. The entire thyme plant is attractive to wildlife, and all varieties make a wonderful and aromatic groundcover.

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Thyme 'English' Thyme 'English'

English Thyme is a general staple to culinary herb gardening that goes with almost anything!

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Thyme French Thyme 'French'

Sweeter than English Thyme, French Thyme is a a major component to French cuisine.

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Thyme 'Lemon' Thyme 'Lemon'

Lemon Thyme has a delicious lemon scent and tastes great with fish, poultry and in marinades.

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Potted Thyme Plants Potted Thyme

The essential ingredient in Herbes de Provence ~ a perfect gift!

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