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Sage Plants

Sage plants are highly aromatic evergreens that produce wonderful flowers attractive to bees and butterflies. Sage is very easy to grow, needing well drained soil and full sun. The leaves are used medicinally (avoid them during pregnancy) as well as culinary. These lovely perennial herb plants are outstanding in a garden bed.

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Sage 'Berggarten' Sage 'Berggarten'

A dense, compact growers with lovely silver-blue leaves and pungent aroma

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Sage 'Purple' Sage 'Purple'

Purple Sage is the most medically valuable Sage and tastes great in stews and on meats!

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Sage 'Common' Sage 'Common'

A wonderful sage, all around plant for every use!

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White Sage Sage 'White'

White Sage is a wonderful natural insect repellant, cleanser and is most commonly burned to repel negative energy. It makes a great medicinal tea! Also known as Bee Sage, or a Smudge Stick plant.

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Perovskia 'Russian Sage' Perovskia 'Russian Sage'

Russian Sage is extremely valuable for its long season of beautiful blooms in the garden!

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Potted Sage Plants Potted Sage

This potted sage will look wonderful in your kitchen all year long.

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