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Potted Herbs

Our Potted Herbs are one of a kind ~ Give the gift that 'keeps giving and growing' all year long!

Our Potted Herbs are a wonderful way to enjoy your herb plants indoors and close at hand. Whether you're cooking with culinary herbs like Rosemary, or just enjoying the fresh, natural scent of our aromatic herbs like Lemon Verbena, potted herbs are essential to your home. Beautiful decor or functional flavors, we offer a wide selection of various herb plants to enjoy. Buying online from us is an easy process.


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Potted Thyme Plants Potted Thyme

The essential ingredient in Herbes de Provence ~ a perfect gift!

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Potted Basil Plants Potted Basil

Potted Basil, a robust and delicious flavor!  Easy to grow indoors!

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Potted Tulsi Holy Green Basil Plants Potted Tulsi - Holy Green Basil

This is the authentic Green Tulsi (Holy) Basil used in many religious
and spiritual ceremonies, and may also help lower blood pressure!

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Potted Herbs Make Great Indoor Accents

To keep our garden growing strong through the winter, we grow some of our favorite herbs in pots indoors. Our sun porch has become a haven for potted herbs and one of our favorite places to take a break or eat our lunches. Receiving lots of sunlight, our potted garden has been thriving throughout our winter. Watering about once a week, our potted plants show lots of healthy growth!

Having our herb plants close at hand makes cooking and crafting even more enjoyable. Bring natural beauty and energy to your home with two of our favorite fragrant and functional potted herbs!

Beautiful Bays bring savory flavor to your favorite hearty dishes. Well suited for an indoor garden, Potted Bays are slow growers but well worth the wait. These herbaceous trees can even be pruned into bonsai-like topiaries and make wonderfully useful centerpieces. A widely loved culinary herb, but sometimes hard to find due to high demand, Bays are drought tolerant, and benefit from full sun and well draining soil. Make sure to re-pot your Bay every two to three years to allow your herb to get bigger and prevent it from becoming root bound.

Lemon Verbena is one of our favorite aromatic herbs for its delicate citrus scent. Also a lovely culinary herb, you can try adding fresh Lemon Verbena to your tuna salad, favorite summer drink, hot tea or any dish that may be complimented by a touch of lemon for a subtle, natural flavor without the tartness of using lemon peel or juice. A beautiful indoor herb, Potted Lemon Verbenas need lots of sunlight and well draining soil. Great for potpourri and herbal crafts, Lemon Verbena is an herb that gardeners and cooks have grown and loved for centuries. Pot some for your kitchen or sun room and enjoy its naturally fresh scent all year long!