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Oregano Plants

Every gardener knows that herb gardening requires a good, solid oregano in the mix. We pride ourselves on our culinary herb plants, and our varieties of oregano have been a solid choice for years.

Oregano is a culinary herb that is very hardy. A wonderful spice for soups, sauces, and marinades. Chop and mix oregano with garlic, salt and olive oil making a great marinade and use it on poultry or pork. Use fresh leaves on your homemade pizza.

Medicinally, Oregano tea is used to aide in digestion. Oregano is highly aromatic and a bushy, hardy perennial but can fall prey to root rot, aphids and spider mites so make sure to inspect often.

Plant in full sun and make sure that the soil drains well. Oregano does not like "wet feet". The plant has a nice spread and produces dainty white flowers.

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Zaatar Plant Zaatar

NEW! Zaatar is one of the world’s great seasonings.

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Oregano  'Cuban', Mexican Mint Oregano 'Cuban'

NEW! Although not a true Oregano, this plant is easy to grow and a delicious addition to any dish calling for Oregano.

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Oregano 'Greek' Oregano 'Greek'

This zesty herb is the most flavorful Oregano and a staple for pizza sauce!

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Oregano 'Italian' Oregano 'Italian'

Italian Oregano is an excellent culinary variety with a strong spicy flavor.

Spring 2020
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