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Lavender 'French'
Lavender dentata

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ZONE: 8-11
SIZE: 36"H x 48"S
BLOOM: Lavender, Summer - Early Fall

Availability: Spring 2020

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French Lavender Plants

Lavandula x dentata

Lavender dentata, AKA French Lavender or Fringed Lavender is an aromatic herb ~ native to Spain, this lavender is often mistakenly called 'Spanish Lavender'. Perfect as an ornamental herb, it blooms profusely, smells great and has a great shrubby habit. We recommend it as a landscape ornamental vs a culinary lavender.

It has attractive fringed foliage; the word 'dentata' means toothed in Latin. The Grayish green leaves have a scalloped characteristic with a delicious clean lavender fragrance. The flower spikes end in a lovely flower display of light purple flowers that are exceptionally long lasting. This plant is considered one of the more "rugged" varieties and works well in containers.

A French Lavender, Dentata

Lavenders are a wonderful woody perennial herb that are easy to grow, and once established, will be an spectacular addition to your garden landscape. Deer resistant and low maintenance, lavenders attract pollinators.

Important French, Dentata Lavender Tips:

  • Well drained soil - lavenders will not tolerate poor drainage so add sand if you need to improve the quality of your soil. Most lavender 'deaths' occur because of wet roots. An alkaline soil is best.
  • They cannot tolerate humidity: damp, still air makes them susceptible to fungus ailments
  • Lavenders need full sun- 6 to 8 hours of sunshine for these Mediterranean natives
Zones: 8-11

Size: 36"H x 48"S

Light: Full Sun

Bloom: Light Purple, Summer through early Fall

Uses: Lavender dentata grows tall, so this aromatic herb with a shrubby habit makes it a great border to any herb garden. Prized for making potpourris and herb pillows.

Tips: Like all lavenders, it needs to be in well draining soil. Remember to prune to maintain its lovely growing habit.

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