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Herb Garden Kits - for Indoor or Outdoor

New to gardening, not sure where to start?

Seasoned gardener looking for new ideas?

We've got you all covered with our Herb Garden Kits. They are the perfect way to experience the joy of gardening, cooking, or crafting. We've put together a selection of herbs based on our many years of experience growing plants and in the kitchen. These 6-packs of herbs & flowers are also a great way to give the gift of green to someone else too.

Each herb will arrive in its own pot, ready for transplanting to your garden or a container. The included information will help guide you in planting, harvesting and using your herb kit.

Love Italian dishes? Our Mamma Mia kit gives you everything you need to start creating amazingly flavored dishes. Curious about Ayurvedic herbs? Our Healing Garden kit provides 6 traditional Hindu healing herbs, dating back thousands of years. There really is something for everyone here.

Note: Plant substitutions, with similar plant types, are made when necessary due to availability.