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Ginger 'Zingiber officinale'
Ginger 'Zingiber officinale'

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ZONE: 8 - 11
EXPOSURE: Full to Part Sun
SIZE: 36"H x 15"S

Availability: Spring 2020

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Ginger Plants

Zingiber officinale

This rare and unusual herb comes highly recommended: it is said that Confucius recommended ginger and used it to flavor all of his food! We are pleased to be able to add ginger to our large selection of rare and unusual herbs. A native to tropical Asia, this rhizomatous perennial herb produces a plump yellow rhizome that is well known for both its medicinal and culinary uses.

Ginger grows best in rich, moist well draining soils. It appreciates warm temperatures, and its biggest issue is rot. The plump, yellow rhizomes can be due in late summer to early fall. Ginger is a handsome plant with yellow flowers and purple 'lips' as well as green bracts.

A well known culinary herb, Ginger is essential to Asian cuisine as well as Caribbean and African cooking. Described as both tender and sweet, as well as tangy and spicy, this herb has a distinctive flavor that can be used in all sorts of dishes: curries, stews, soups, salads, pickles and chutneys. In a powdered form, it adds a warm and spicy flavor, and when crystallized, it is used in many types of baked goods. Ginger oil has many commercial uses, most well known is in ginger ale.

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Ginger has been clinically proven to be an effective anti inflammatory, a safe and effective remedy for the prevention of and treatment for nausea and other digestive issues. It is used to relieve cold symptoms as well as the effects of arthritis. A word of warning: pregnant women should use no more than 1500 mg per day of dried ginger.

Zones: 8 - 11

Size: 36"H x 15"S

Light: Full to Part Sun

Bloom: Late Spring, Yellow/Pink Bloom

Uses: The pale yellow rhizome is used both as a medicinal and culinary herb

Tips: Make sure to grow in well drained soil as too much moisture can rot the rhizome

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