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Chamomile Plants

This plant is a well-known aromatic herb, as well as a medicinal herb. Chamomile can be used for teas to aid digestion and act as a gentle sleep inducer. It can be a perennial ground cover that will take light foot traffic. Try planting it along a pathway and enjoy the sweet apple-scented aroma with every step you take. Its can also be very beneficial for treating minor burns such as sunburn, as its oils contain skin-regenerating flavonoids, and anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that will help you renew and relax. Used as a bath oil, Chamomile may also help with post pregnancy healing.
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Chamomile 'Roman' Chamomile 'Roman'

This perennial variety makes a wonderful ground cover, a soothing tea and a great skin treatment for sunburns!

Spring 2020
Our Price: $6.95

Chamomile 'Common' Chamomile 'German'

A wonderfully aromatic ground cover that naturally repels pests and doubles as potent medicinal herb!

Spring 2020
Our Price: $6.95

Chamomile was used and revered by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The Egyptians compared the daisy flowers to the sun and dedicated it to their sun god, Ra. The Greeks gave it the name that eventually led to the word Chamomile. They called it Kamaimelon. "Kamai" means on the ground and "melon" means apple, so you get "ground apple." The Romans, who probably got it by way of Britain, bathed in it, walked on it and used it medicinally.