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Basil Plants

Basil is a true necessity in any garden! A wonderful companion plant, mosquito repellent, and of course, a  flavorful addition to any dish -- we offer a wide variety of Basil plants to suit any need.  This culinary herb has a multitude of uses including the classic choice for authentic Italian cooking, fresh and sweet lemon basil for Thai cooking as well as the source for Tulsi basil which has a long tradition in Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual needs. Basil is also a potent natural pest repellent, and will help to keep mosquitoes, flies, aphids and more at bay, while attracting useful pollinators to your garden. Plant some near your tomatoes and other veggies for a great companion plant!  Plant your favorite or try them all, because you can never have enough Basil!
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Basil 'Genovese' (Sweet Basil) Basil 'Genovese' (Sweet Basil)

Basil 'Genovese' is a favorite for authentic Italian basil flavor and aroma. Perfect for pesto!

Ships March 25th
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Basil 'Holy Green' Basil Tulsi ('Holy Green')

The authentic Tulsi (Holy) Basil used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies!

Ships April 1st
Our Price: $7.95

Basil 'Siam Queen' (Thai Basil) Basil 'Siam Queen' (Thai Basil)

This delicious Thai basil has a distinct licorice flavor and beautiful purple blooms!

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Basil 'Eleonora' Basil 'Eleonora'

Basil 'Eleonora" is the first basil grown to resist the Basil Downy Mildew disease.

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Basil 'Italian Large Leaf' Basil 'Italian Large Leaf'

Italian Large Leaf Basil is a sweet basil with larger leaves than most basil varieties that will yield you tons of flavor!

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Basil 'Amethyst' Basil 'Amethyst'

Amethyst's deep purple blooms will add a lovely contrast to your garden and wonderful flavor to your favorite dish!

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Basil 'Lemon Sweet Dani' Basil 'Lemon Sweet Dani'

A must for the basil lover looking for a vigorous and delicious lemon basil.

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Ocimum Basilicum Piccolino Basil Basil 'Piccolino'

NEW! - Full basil flavor in a wonderfully compact plant, perfect as a potted plant!

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Potted Basil Plants Potted Basil

Potted Basil, a robust and delicious flavor!  Easy to grow indoors!

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The Wonder of Basil

Of all the herbs we grow, at The Growers Exchange, basil plants are by far the most popular!

Basil plants have a distinctive flavor that adds zest to tomato dishes, salads and many other foods. A warm season annual, this culinary herb grows four to six feet in height. To grow basil plants outdoors, transplant small plants to a sunny, well-drained location with fertile soil. Plant in a spot near your kitchen so leaves can be collected as they are needed. The number one reason for problems with basil is planting too early. As basil does not tolerate cool temperatures it is best to wait until after May 1 to plant outside. Night temperatures should be in the high 50ís.

To grow small quantities of basil early in the season, try potted plants in a sunny window. Remember, warmth and plenty of sun are necessary for vigorous plants. Frequent pinching will give leaves for cooking and keep the plants tight and bushy.

To store basil, puree leaves and freeze in ice trays, or if you dry the leaves, do it in a microwave to keep the leaves from turning black. Grow a succession of plants to ensure a regular supply of leaves.

Types of Basil Plants

We grow a wide variety of basil plants, among the most popular varieties that we grow are:

Basil Genovese is a favorite for authentic Italian basil flavor and appearance. The tall and relatively slow to bolt stems bear dark green leaves about 3" long. This is a wonderful pesto basil. For summer long harvest be sure to keep your Basil from going to flower. Plant in full sun. Grows 24-30".

Italian Large Leaf Basil is a sweeter pesto type basil with high yields in the garden. This is a large herb with medium-dark green leaves. When compared to Genovese the flavor and scent are sweeter and less clove like. Plant in full sun and harvest frequently to keep from going to flower. Grows 24-30" tall.

Lemon Sweet Dani is a must for every herb gardener. The distinctively sweet lemon flavor and scent make this basil a 'must have'. Plant in full sun and be sure to harvest frequently to keep it from going to flower.

Basil Amethyst is a vigorous, purple, Italian Large Leaf type. This basil has high yields and great flavor. The flat, 3" long leaves stand out in the garden with their purple bronze coloration. Plant in full sun and harvest frequently to keep from going to flower. Grows 18-24" tall.