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Basil 'Eleonora'
Basil 'Eleonora'

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ZONE: Annual
SIZE: 15"H x 10"S
BLOOM: White, Summer

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Eleonora Basil Plants

Ocimum Basilicum

We love introducing a new product, especially when it has been selected by the AAS as a plant of distinction in 2016! So, what makes this basil better? Why is it an award winner. Well, perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is considered the most mildew resistant of any basil.

For basil lovers, that is the 'plague'; downy mildew can devastate your basil crop and spreads easily from one plant to another. This plant has been bred to grow a bit more upright, with elongated stems, to allow better airflow. A bit more information on this disease from our friend at Away to Garden.

Did we mention the flavor? This delicious basil has a bit more spice than our other traditional 'pesto varieties' ~ delicious 3" leaves that actually seem to grow a bit faster and bolt less than it's other relatives.

See what all the fuss is about, and order Basil 'Eleonora' for your garden!

Zone: Annual

: 15" x 10"

Light: Full Sun

Bloom: White, Summer

Uses: Easy to grow in containers or outdoors.

Tips: As with most varieties of basil, they love the sun and cannot tolerate cold. If you are keeping it indoors to extend its growing season, make sure it gets lots of light and adequate, but not excessive water. Pinch the flowering tops down to the first set of leaves, or first node, to prolong its usefulness in the kitchen.

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