Fall is the Best Time to Grow Herbs

Fall is the BEST Time to Grow Herbs!

Spring is over, and we’ve gotten through summer. What now? Well, how about a fall garden that is planted with farm fresh herbs to be enjoyed until frost. If you are growing perennial herbs, then you have gotten an early start on next spring as well. There are so many good reasons to grow in the fall.

Cooler temperatures and more rainfall gives roots a chance to really establish themselves in the garden. The soil is still warm in the fall, and allows the roots to grow until the ground freezes.

For those of you who enjoy milder winters, the roots may well just continue to grow throughout the winter months.

Compared to the herb that is planted the following spring, these ‘early birds’ have an advantage as planting in the early spring means a lot cooler soil so a slow start on growth, or if planted in late spring, the stress that comes from heat and drought.

And, just because mid-September is not spring, you can still enjoy annual herbs in the garden until frost which for some of us can be as late as November.

Don’t forget how pleasant it is to garden in the fall, as those hot and humid days of summer are behind you. The fall means pests and disease issues and fertilizing is not recommended.

Fall is definitely the time to ‘Get Growing’ so order now, and we’ll ship your herbs at just the right time for your garden.