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ZONE: 5 - 9
EXPOSURE: Full to Part Sun
SIZE: 36"H x 24"S
BLOOM: Yellow, Spring to Late Fall

Availability: Spring 2020

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Agrimony Plants

agrimonia eupatoria

This hardy perennial herb comes from Europe and is prized for its medicinal properties. Agrimony is a lovely addition to a meadow garden, butterfly garden or perennial border; Agrimony plants have a lovely yellow scented flower that grows on dense spikes. It flowers all summer and the blooms are followed by a burr-like seed pod, hence the common name or Cocklebur and Sticklewort.

As a medicinal herb, agrimony is used to treat stomach ailments, control bleeding and improve liver and gall bladder function. It has an astringent quality, and is used externally to treat wounds. This plant has antiviral and antibacterial properties, as well as astringent qualities as well. The leaves and blossoms are harvested when the plant comes into flower - the chemicals are most potent at that point in its life cycle. Can be used fresh or dried, and has many medicinal uses. A teaspoon of chopped leaves is said to relieve all sorts of symptoms from bed wetting to jaundice.

It must also have had some sedative qualities, as inferred from the following passage taken from an old English medical manuscript:

"If it be leyd under mannís heed,
He shal sleepyn as he were deed;
He shal never drede ne wakyn
Till fro under his heed it be takyn"í

It is also an herb valued for its lovely yellow color that is used for dyes.

Agrimony is easy to grow, preferring well-drained soil and full to part sun. It produces a lovely 'wand' of yellow flowers, a perfect addition to the perennial garden. It can become invasive! We grow it in our test garden, and match it with an equally 'aggressive' grower - mints! Out of the way, but definitely a valued historic herb that adds so much history and beauty!

Note: If you plan to use Agrimony medically, make sure to consult your doctor before using.


Zones: 5 - 9

Size: 36"H x 24"W

Light: Full to Part Sun

Bloom: Yellow Blooms all summer to fall

Uses: An effective treatment for stomach ailments, liver and gall bladder function and as a topical treatment for wounds

Tips: Try this hardy perennial herb in a butterfly garden.

Does Not Grow Well Indoors!

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