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Natural Herbal Trio

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Use our Herbal Trio to leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished.

Our Purification Body Scrubs are a must try for those looking to buff away dry, flaky skin. Our scrubs contain Dead Sea Salts, Sugar, and Epsom Salts that are infused with Essential Oils and Herbs that exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and refreshed. Our scrubs help to pull out toxins, increase circulation, and leave your skin moisturized and re-energized.

Body Wash Souffle can be applied using a poof or your hands, creating a soft and creamy lather that cleanses without stripping natural oils from your skin. This is the perfect cleanser for body yet is gentle enough to use on the face. It's great as a shaving medium. Perfect from head to toe.

Our Lotion formula provides deep, long-lasting moisture that leaves skin naturally smooth, soft and nourished. It also helps to relieve chafed, chapped and dry skin. A little bit goes a long way.


Lavender Basil is the familiar classic of lavender elevated with a earthy scent of basil. This very floral scent is fresh and lively, a very traditional scent with a slight twist that calms your senses.

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