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Customer Testimonials

Here are what some of our satisfied customers have to say. Please feel free to contact us to share your own thoughts.

Another rare find in cultuvation, I was very happy when I found this French Tarragon plant being offered and had to get one! Plant was a little small to start, but I underestimated it's potential to really grow! I repotted it into a rich organic soil, and dry it out a touch between waterings kind of how I treat my lavender, and it has grown 3 or 4 times bigger! It loves the sun I notice, and the leaves smell great! I can't wait to try in a recipe. Thanks Growers Exchange!

Daniel | North Scituate, RI

I expected tiny plants but instead I received a box filled with large green mojhito mint plants! I estimate that The plants were between 1 and 2 feet tall. (I'm European so I'd say 40cm average) . Have placed them planted them inside a pallet wall and the are thriving well. Will definitely order from this seller again! (And I don't like writing reviews but I just have to support a company that grows and delivers these beautiful products.) Also ordered a bunch of lemon grass and are looking healthy.

Kristine | Brooklyn, NY

Planted Lantana Ham and Eggs in the spring and just love it. The colors of the flowers are beautiful and it's a prolific grower, really filled in the spot. Have cut it back several times away from my air conditioner and it doesn't negatively affect the plant. Am looking forward to next spring to see how it weathers our NE winters.

Kathy | Philadelphia, PA

Planted Russian Sage for the first time in the spring and it's doing great. Love the light purple blooms. Would recommend this plant for the interest it gives your garden.

Kathy | Philadelphia, PA

Mojito is one of the hottest mints in cultivation right now, sought after by bartenders and restaurants and drink drinkers. ;) My plants showed up very well established, plenty of leaves to spare for cocktails, and have grown tremendously! I keep my mints in pots (for obvious reasons) in good sun with rich organic matter and it couldn't get any easier to grow a plant than mint. Thanks again!

Daniel | North Scituate, RI

I bought Pineapple Sage a few years ago and every year since it ends up in my garden. The first year I planted it I was amazed at the color it brought to the garden in the fall. It smells wonderful and is so beautiful. I have had many compliments.

Mary Kay | Halifax, PA

Yesterday received a package with so many beautiful plants. Lemon grass seems healthy. First growing attempt for me. So will have to see how it goes but grower did well. Packaging was AMAZING!!!!!! No plants damaged.

Kristine | Brooklyn, NY

Normally I don't trust mail order, however, my four Tarragon plants arrived beautifully. I put them in the ground as soon as I could and they are thriving well. ALL of them. I had ordered other kinds of plants from other suppliers before, and usually lose half of them. Not so with Growers Exchange. Thank you.

Jean | Valencia, CA

These plants are great. They came well packaged and ready to use. Can tell that great care was taken while processing for delivery.

Adam | Lorain, OH

Was so excited to receive the 10 swamp sunflower plants as I tried the previous year to sow seeds directly into the ground with no luck. I live in a coastal area and am surrounded by wetlands and I'm very much looking forward to growing these amazing plants. I will be putting them into the ground soon and I'm happy to update this review. But the plants came to me packaged well and they look super healthy and are growing nicely!

Barbara | Hayes, VA

My Valerian plants arrived in time for spring planting and were packed so well the soil was still moist when they arrived and there was virtually no wilting. Beautiful, hardy plants that started growing new leaves just three days after planting. Thank you for outstanding service and beautiful plants. This was my first order with the growers Exchange, but it will certainly not be the last!

Dawn | South Carolina

When I ordered, I didn't know if my plant would arrive with 1-3 leaves on it & I would have to wait a few months before I would see another leaf. Instead, the plant I received was full of leaves & maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like in the past week or two, it has grown an inch or two & has pushed out at least 6 more leaves! I am so happy with my plant!

Schmidt | Metairie, LA

The plant arrived in good condition. It has only been a six weeks and the Buddleia has many blossoms ready to open. This is going to grow into a beautiful bush. Growers exchange delivers healthy plants in good condition. Thanks!

Yvonne | Morriston, FL

I ordered 3 plants in September 2015 and they are producing wonderfully well. Delicious like little bites of candy! I am anxious to see how the survive a south Texas summer though, that is the hardest part is our zone 9b heat. I will update and the end of the summer.

Robin | Texas

I am Lithuanian and needed a rue plant for my wedding in the middle of March, so was very happy to find this site that sells live rue plants. The guys at growers exchange were very caring and made sure both I and the plants I ordered were happy. We negotiated the best shipping date considering weather changes and my pre-wedding schedule, and the custom amount of plants. Two pots of rues came very nicely packed to keep them safe though all the trip. I used some leaves for my wedding wreath and the planted the rest of the plants. They look so pretty on the patio! Thank you guys. You made our special day even more special.

Ausra | Richmond, VA

I just wanted to THANK YOU! I purchased Moonflower Plants from you this spring. My Mother's plants bloomed over 75+ times. They were gorgeous! I will definitely be ordering from you again!

Sharon | New York

WOW!!! My plants just arrived and they are in FANTASTIC condition. The foliage is green and lush and the roots are fully developed. Actually, they look every bit as good - or better - than plants I buy locally in the Spring. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Judith | Virginia

You guys are the bessstttest. Thanks so much for the special gift, you did it!!!!! Everything is wrapped so nicely. The gift counts, but also the presentation. The bottles with the herbs are so awesome, with the spoon on the side. Aweeeessoommmme. Will see you all in the spring for the herbs.

Marjorie | Pennsylvania

Thanks for my recent order. It was packed nice and tight. Plants were really nice. Got them planted and covered with pine needles for the fall. Hope to see them burst out this Spring! Like the way you do business.

Hebert | Kentucky

Just wanted to send a few words of appreciation regarding my previous purchase... the plants arrived in exceptional condition and all have thrived. I purchased (herb) plants from 2 other sources at the same time as from The Growers Exchange - all grown in the same soil/container - and only 1/2 from each have survived. Lesson learned. Will definitely be a return loyal customer based on that alone. Thank you for providing a QUALITY product! Hard to find this day and age.

Mary | Maryland

Just 4 of Your Great plants. Great shipping and they do not stop multiplying peppers.

John | South Carolina

Just wanted to let everybody know how great you guys are! I always order my plants online, your plants are healthiest I've ever received !!! Thank you very much! If they don't live in my garden, it is sure not your fault.

Marina | Florida

My plants arrived in perfect condition! They are all healthy, beautiful specimens and they exceed my expectations by far. One lemon verbena will go to my daughter-in-law in Guam, so I have quite a challenge to get it to her in the same condition in which I received it. Thank you SO much!

Marie | Georgia

Received my plants today. Y'all got the best herb plants I waiting for my next customer so I could make another order from ya'll - you will be hearing from me soon

Keith | Louisiana

Hi- my sorrel plants arrived yesterday. They look great.

Diane | West Virginia

Sweet Dani is delicious in salads, adding a lovely, lemon flavor that is unexpected. I add it along with other herbs, nasturtiums and mixed salad greens, and always get compliments when I have dinner guests saying it's the "best salad" they ever ate.

Laura | Miami, FL

I'd found a silver drop eucalyptus seedling 5 years ago at a small gardening center, but could not find it again. When I saw it at The growers exchange, I ordered it immediately! It has grown beautifully, and recently I gave a "bouquet" of herbs including the eucalyptus to a friend as a gift. She was so excited, she will be ordering it and others from The Growers Exchange next spring. Love, love love this site, and their healthy plants!!!

Jean | West Nyack, NY

I love flowers and sometimes work hard to make them flourish howeverI bought this beauty and the very first season it has taken off, I have upgraded my trellis 4 times! I now have 6 pieces of fruit and cant wait to try them the bees are amazing to watch on the flowers I have made several cuttings as well buy with confidence and enjoy.

Katie | Midlothian, VA

"I want to thank you so much. My plants arrived in excellent packaging and in perfect condition. I planted them immediately and they are thriving!

Judy | Saylorsburg, PA

I just wanted to let you know that I just unpacked my order from you and I have never been more pleased with plants. Your plants, which were packed perfectly look better than anything I have ever bought from a greenhouse, I've been growing herbs for twenty five years now and these plants are hands down the best I've seen in a very long time. I know who I'll be ordering from next year.

Kim | Georgia

I received my order of trailing lantana last night, and I am so impressed with their condition that I felt compelled to write to you to thank you. I have utilized a few retail merchants for this year's lantana for my flowerbeds, and I wish I would have found you first; you would have been my exclusive source. My plants arrived unstressed and very neatly packaged. I opened another box from a merchant I found on eBay, and 24 yellow lantana plants were literally thrown into a box and wrapped in the criminal section of the newspaper! No comparison! I was not disappointed in my purchases from the other merchants until I received my plants from The Grower's Exchange. Your professionalism has created a loyal customer. I cannot wait to order from you again.

David | Denham Springs, LA

I just received the shipment of plants. Thank you so much, they all look great and bigger than i had imagined and I was thrilled that you delivered them as quick as you did! Thank you for the catalog as well. I look forward to ordering again sometime. Thanks again for doing such wonderful work!

Linda | Flemington, NJ

I wanted to let you know that I received my first order yesterday and the plants are all in wonderful condition. I have ordered mail order plants before and none have ever been so vigorous and healthy looking as these were. I am very impressed with your company and you can count on a yearly order from me from now on.

Lilliane | Louisa, VA

I just wanted to say, I got my tiny,little Bay Tree about 3 years ago. At first it didn't do much but then started growing, slowly but surely! This year, it really took off! My other herbs usually make it to January and then start dying off, but the Bay keeps going. I am very pleased with it.

Deana | New Jersey

I ordered a few comfrey plants and planted them middle of May, and yes we got frost, unbelievable, on more than one night. Well, the plants survived and are thriving, even the brown leaf one. Couldn’t be happier. You are a fine company and will definitely be ordering again.

Renee | Wisconsin

I received my plants today and I must tell you that they were excellent. I did not expect them to be so healthy and beautiful! I am ordering more today to give a couple to my friends as gifts. Thank you!

Alice | California

Thank you, I appreciate it. My 19 year old daughter is autistic and has tried for 2 years to grow herbs from seed unsuccessfully here in FL. I was finally able to convince her to let me purchase plants once she saw your website and read up on your growing practices. She was very upset that the plants failed and was almost ready to give up, but your customer care has made it OK. It has been a delight to watch her care for the plants, placing and tending them, creating everything from the bed to the plant markers. She already had a small "harvest" and has treated us to some delicious meals with the product. Thank you again!

Gray | Florida

I am thrilled with the speedy service and beautiful Stevia plants. The packaging is ingenious and the plants are in their new home. I will order again!

Lelia | Virginia

Plants arrived healthy, strong and brilliantly packaged! I love the fragrance of Artemisia/Sweet Annie and Sweet Hyssop. The Angelica is super strong as are the Achillea! What a wonderful company you are. I will always order from you!

Helen | Georgia

I wanted to leave feedback on my recent order, The plants were excellent, very healthy and large. Your customer service is tops!!!

Don | Indiana

I just wanted to let you know that the butterfly bushes and Lantana I recently ordered are green healthy and growing like crazy! Thanks for your wonderful quality.

Susan | South Carolina

I placed 2 orders - 1st came early and were beautiful. the 2nd order was a sale item and came later, but the plants were beautiful even with flowers on them! Thanks, you have my business.

Mary | New York