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Sage 'Purple'
Sage 'Purple'

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ZONE: 5 - 11
SIZE: 36"H x 36"S
BLOOM: Blue, Summer

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Purple Sage Plants

Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens'

As a culinary herb, Purple Sage is one of the most flavorful sages and can be interchanged with regular garden sage. Sage herb plants can be used in all recipes calling for the delicious flavor of sage - stuffing, sausages, soups and stews. A member of the Mint family, the word Sage is a derivative of the Latin words "safe" and "cure" due to its valuable medicinal uses.

Highly aromatic, Purple Sage is the most effective medicinal variety of Sage but stands cold the least. It can be made into teas to aide in digestion, used as an anti inflammatory agent for insect bites and can relive chest colds and congestion. Pregnant or nursing women should not use purple sage, as it slows milk production.

Planted in full sun and well-draining soil, it will be an easy keeper. It really works well as an ornamental and plant next to plants with gray-green foliage. Purple Sage looks great when planted next to lavenders.

Zones: 5 - 11

Size: 36"H x 36"S

Light: Full Sun

Bloom: Blue, Summer

Uses: Purple Sage is best known as being the most effective medicinal variety of Sage. Though it can be used to cook with as well and is virtually interchangeable with Garden Sage, Purple Sage has been used to treat depression, insect bites, insomnia and relieve congestion.

Tips: Purple Sage should not be used by nursing or pregnant women as it slows milk production. Historically this herb was used to help wean children from nursing.

Does Not Grow Well Indoors!

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