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  Rosemary 'Salem'
Rosemary 'Salem'

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ZONE: 7 -11
SIZE: 5'H x 4'S
BLOOM: Blue, Spring
POT SIZE: 3.5" Pot

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Salem Rosemary Plants

Rosemary officinalis.

Often found growing in sandy or poor soil, Rosemary 'Salem' is common to beach side gardens and was dubbed the Latin name ' rosmarinus' by early herbalists which translates to "dew of the sea". A member of the Mint family, 'Salem' is just one of many varieties of Rosemary that make great additions to your kitchen or garden!

'Salem' is a wonderful addition to our Rosemary lineup! This vigorous grower has a strong, upright growth habit. 'Salem' has narrow, dark green leaves with a strong pine-like scent. This herb is a reliable grower and produces lovely pale blue flowers. Pinch the tips periodically to encourage full growth.

'Salem' Rosemary is a culinary herb, and a great addition to any savory dish. We love to use it in our foccacia bread. The woody stems make a perfect skewer for the grill. 'Salem' makes a great companion for fresh, natural bouquets. For the perfect "Culinary Herb Garden", plant this rosemary along with a few basics: Tricolor Sage, 'Curly' Parsley and English Thyme. Get cooking!

Zones: 7 - 11

Size: 5'H x 4'S

Light: Full Sun

Bloom: Blue, Spring

Uses : A fragrant culinary herb, 'Salem' tastes great in dishes and its woody stems make great grilling skewers for subtle flavoring!

Tips: 'Salem' prefers substandard soil conditions but will also grow well in a pot or container indoors.

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