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ZONE: Annual
EXPOSURE: Full to Part Sun
SIZE: 18"H x 6"S
BLOOM: White, Mid Summer

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Coriandrum sativum

Cilantro is a classic Mexican herb and an important addition to herb gardening for every chef. The foliage is called 'Cilantro' while the seed is called 'Coriander'. A popular culinary herb in Asian and Mexican cuisine, Cilantro is a very versatile herb to grow but bolts quickly in the heat. Planting in partial shade or by succession planting is the best way to make sure you have lots of Cilantro to last you all summer long.

A useful medicinal herb, Cilantro can be very beneficial to your health! The leaves of the Cilantro plant contain antibacterial and anti fungal properties and they are a rich source of iron, magnesium and natural antioxidants. Research suggests that cilantro can also help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol levels and helping to maintain a healthy level of dietary fiber.Cilantro's seeds (Coriander) are also medicinally valuable for their aid with digestion.

For the best flavor, this annual's leaves are best picked when they are young and somewhat small, as they get more bitter-tasting with growth. From its roots to its shoots, every part of the Cilantro plant is edible, though offer varied flavors. While the leaves and stems of the Cilantro plant have a bold, spicy flavor that compliment salsas and other savory dishes, the seeds (Coriander) are sweet and mild and are a favorite ingredient in Indian cuisine as well as in smoked meats and sweet breads.

Zones: Annual

Size: 18"H x 6"S

Light: Full to Part Sun

Uses: Cilantro is grown for both is leaves (called Cilantro) and its seeds (called Coriander). Cilantro leaves provide an essential sweet, pungent contrast in many spicy Mexican dishes. Coriander seeds add a pleasing citrus aroma and flavor to soups, pickles, and baked goods. Also a versatile medicinal herb, Cilantro is a rich source of antioxidants, iron and magnesium and may even reduce high blood pressure!

Tips: Cilantro thrives in full sun, but may bolt quickly. Make sure to prune back often or succession plant this tasty herb to make sure you have lots of it on hand all summer long for salsas and stir frys!

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